Your InnerAlly is The Healer!

This InnerAlly gives you permission to balance care for others with care for yourself. 

What is an InnerAlly?

An InnerAlly is a character that embodies an essential emotion (a superpower), one you need to be happy and healthy.  

How does it work?

Each InnerAlly is designed guide you to speak to yourself in a way that is kind and supportive around that particular essential emotoion. 

What do I do?

Read through your Ally description below. Now you can use this InnerAlly to create custom supportive inner language for yourself. 

InnerAlly Coaching

The Hour of Power is one-on-one guidance from Dr. Cynthia Phelps to help you make your InnerAlly work for you!

InnerAlly Card Deck

Get the official deck of all 16 of the InnerAlly Cards mailed right to your front door. Create you own custom inner dialog.

InnerAlly Online Course

Take the InnerAlly Course: Building Resilience from the Inside Out. Take a deep dive into your own inner language.

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