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Do you find that you are your own worst critic? Do you get in your own way to success? Do you put others’ needs ahead of yours to your detriment? If so, this class is for you. The relationship you have with yourself is your secret weapon to a better life. Dr. Phelps has developed this course to help you shift your inner language from being your own worst critic to your best supporter (your own InnerAlly).

It works! The practices you will be learning are based on over 18 years of research in positive psychology, which is the study of people who are mentally and emotionally thriving. When adopting these practices, you can expect to be more resilient in the face of challenges, experience a better sense of wellbeing, be more productive and creative, and have more ease in your relationships. Creating kind and supportive inner language is also correlated with less depression, stress, anxiety and risk for addiction.

Who is this for? This course is for anyone who is hard on themselves and wants to get out of their own way. If you are a perfectionist or a procrastinator, this course will help you to see that these behaviors are made worse if you have a harsh and/or critical inner voice. Often times the people who benefit most from this course are already successful on many levels, but it just doesn’t seen fun anymore. Or perhaps you are feeling overwhelmed or burnout instead of happy and productive.

The types of people who will benefit include:

  • Driven professionals or entrepreneurs
  • Caregivers and healthcare workers
  • People who have experienced hardships
  • People in recovery

What improvements will I see? The outcomes of creating an InnerAlly (an inner voice there to support you in times of difficulty), are many and profound:

Lower Levels of Depression Less Stress & Anxiety

  • Better Relationships
  • Able to Change Behaviors
  • More Productivity, Innovation & Creativity
  • Less Procrastination and Perfectionism
  • Lower Risk for Addiction More
  • Resilience in the face of Challenges
  • Higher Levels of Wellbeing

How does it work? In this online course, each week you will have access to:

  • a bank of digital resources,
  • weekly one-hour group meetings face-to-face over zoom,
  • a deck of InnerAlly cards,
  • one private 30 minute phone call with Dr. Phelps .

WEEK ONE – Mindfulness of the Inner Voice In week one we will use mindfulness techniques to explore the inner voice. You might be most familiar with the inner critic, but it’s also possible to have an InnerAlly, and voice that is kind and supportive.  This first mindfulness step is critical in helping you become aware of how you are treating yourself in your own head. We will also explore some of the common misconceptions around having an InnerAlly.

WEEK  TWO – Leveraging the Inner Critic  In week two we will use the voice of our inner critic to begin to create some language for our InnerAlly. Often it’s not possible to completely eliminate the inner critic, but this process gives you the skills to be able to address it when it comes on loud. These tools will help you beef up you defenses against the inner critic and also address it in the moment.

WEEK THREE – Identifying our Essential Emotions  Each InnerAlly is built around an essential emotion. Just like humans need water and food to grow physically, we also need to nurture our essential emotions to be able to thrive emotionally. In this week we will take the quiz and do a visualization to find out which essential emotions are specific for you, then give you the tools to create inner language to help you thrive.

WEEK FOUR – Meeting Life’s Challenges with an InnerAlly Experiencing difficult emotions is a part of being human. What we do with these difficult feelings makes a great deal of difference in our quality of life. If they are accompanied with harsh or critical thoughts, then it can lead to depression, anxiety and addiction. In this final week we will learn how to use our InnerAlly to self-sooth and make these difficult emotions easier to bear.



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