InnerAlly COaching

InnerAlly Coaching is a customized process to help you analyze and shift the inner voice that holds you back from getting what you want in life.

Are You Really Hard on Yourself?

Learning to be kind and supportive of yourself will help you to reap many impressive outcomes.

Why is Being Hard on Yourself Such a Big Deal?

If you are unable to treat yourself with kindness and support then you might find you have some of the following issues:

Is Coaching Right For YOU?

Grab a coffee and pull up your zoom, because we are going to make this process deep, meaningful, and fun.

The Steps to Get Started

Fill Out Intake Form

Filling out the intake form will allow me to get to know you and the issues you want to address so we can really jump into the free 30 minute coaching session.

Free Coaching Session

In this free 30 minute coaching session we will explore if you are a good fit for the InnerAlly process, and if you think we will work well together.

Sign Coaching Agreement

The next step is to sign the coaching agreement which explains the InnerAlly Coaching process and provides you privacy and other protections.

Pay & Schedule Sessions

Once payment is made we will work together to schedule a time to meet weekly for the next 6 weeks.

What Clients Are Saying

InnerAlly Coaching is a transformational process.


Coaching Client

"Cynthia helped me to reignite my spark, and throughout the coaching process she did so with professionalism, empathy, encouragement, and the added bonus of shared laughter. She is a joy to work with."


"Thank you so much for helping me. What I want to say is so big I can't seem to find adequate words.  I was in a bad pit and you reached in and pulled me outta that sucker!  One of the main ways was to allow me to acknowledge in a deep deep way that I am good and I need my own compassion." 


Coaching Client

UTSA Student


"Up to now I had not been taught such useful and effective strategies to implement in a stressful situation. Learning how to bring awareness to my suffering was particularly helpful for me, and I felt that Cynthia did a fabulous job of describing the technique and her own experiences with it"

How Does it Work?

What will happen in sessions?

We will meet each week at our agreed upon time for one hour. 

We will work to advance to goals you set out in your intake form by using the InnerAlly process.

What Does It Cost?

InnerAlly Personal Coaching Package

An InnerAlly Coaching package is $750 for six one-hour private zoom sessions. 

This includes between session practices, meditations, and assignments that we both agree on.


My Self-Compassion Story

In 2008 I put myself into rehab for alcohol use disorder. The program taught me all about how to not drink and what it was like to have a mental disorder.

The problem was, it did not treat the root cause of my unhealthy drinking, shame. I had just gone through a painful divorce and a period of great loss in my life and I was stuck in shame.

In 2012 I learned that being self-compassionate was the key to my happiness, but I really struggled with how to actually do it. The methods I teach in this course are what I developed for myself to make the practice of self compassion less painful and awkward and totally doable! I used these methods to pull myself out of depression and addiction, and I know that it will bring you life-changing transformation as well.


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InnerAlly – Building Resilience from the Inside Out

Now that you have committed to coaching, you might want to join the group zoom class. The class "Building Resilience from the Inside Out" is designed to leverage the wisdom of the group interaction to help you further learn and implement the InnerAlly process of creating a kind and supportive inner voice. The next offering meets each Tuesday in May, 2021 over lunch (11AM Central Time).