The Addict Who Loved Herself

When I was stuck in the addictive cycle of alcohol use disorder, I was suffering, big time. I hated myself for being stuck. I hated myself for not being able to fix it. The thing that eventually pulled me out forever, was self-compassion, acknowledging my suffering and loving myself despite of it. I didn’t wait until I was sober to love myself. This is key. Self-compassion is the act of turning loving kindness in towards …

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The Not So Silent, Silent Retreat

“Are you scared?” my friend asked expectantly. It was an honest question, and one I’d hear several times over before I headed off on my first silent retreat. I was in the process of finishing up the requirements to become a certified teacher of mindful self-compassion. In the rush to get it all done, I had not considered how I felt about the retreat, other than it was one more thing I needed to tick …

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