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Map your adventure

In the InnerAlly Game, you progress through a series of scenarios that each contain a challenging situation that has the potential to trigger difficult thoughts in your character. You play the master mind of the game, helping your character to use supportive and kind language in response to the difficult thoughts. You can save the day!

Name the Adversary

The Inner Adversaries are after you! They represent the difficult thoughts and thought patterns that show up inside our heads when confronted with a challenge or a crisis. It’s your job to identify the Inner Adversary that is tormenting your character. If you get it right, you get to take the first turn.

Power up your Ally

In the game, your task is to power up your Inner Allies so they can say supportive and kind phrases. In order to fire off a phrase, you must create a colored rectangle clicking on four squares of the same color that form a rectangle.  The larger the rectangle, the faster your charge your Ally.

What is it?

InnerAlly is a game designed to give you practice at becoming aware of internal conversations and shifting them towards a healthier narrative. We all talk to ourselves in our heads, whether we are willing to admit it or not. It turns out that how you speak to yourself has a great deal of impact on how you face the challenges of life. If you have a kind and supportive narrative you are better able to deal with difficult emotions and stay calm so you can think clearly to decide what action to take. A supportive narrative is also associated with many benefits such as more resilience, better relationships, and less depression and anxiety.

How does it work?

Choose your character  – The first step is to decide which character to play. Each character has a unique set of challenges they will face.

Identify the Adversary – Your next task is to listen to your character and the difficult thoughts popping up in their head. Pick the Adversary that is responsible and you get the advantage.

Build your InnerAlly Team – Now it’s time to build your inner superhero team. Choose 4 Allies that you think will best address the challenge your character is facing. Choose wisely to make it easier to defeat the Adversary!

Dominate the Inner Conversation – It’s up to you to power up your InnerAllies so you can shift the conversation from harsh and critical to kind and supportive.

Why does it work?

The InnerAlly Game is based on published research. Each of the Inner Adversaries is a representation of actual difficult thought patterns that people encounter and have been described by the field of cognitive behavioral therapy. The InnerAllies are all based on Core Emotional Needs, that have been described by Schema Therapy. The science of Self-Compassion is the backbone of the kind and supportive vocabulary of the InnerAllies. There is over 12 years of research into how being kind and supportive of yourself leads to better life outcomes and health outcomes.