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What is InnerAlly?

InnerAlly is a company with the mission of creating tools and services to help you maintain and improve your resilience and wellbeing.

How Does it Work?

InnerAlly is set of practices that helps you to create a better relationship with yourself. We all have an inner voice, and it turns our that how we speak to ourselves, on the inside, makes a great deal of difference in our wellbeing. Many of us are quite familiar with the inner critic, but we have never considered how to build an InnerAlly, a kind and supportive inner voice.

InnerAlly Coaching is the most customized and targeted way to get the benefits of the InnerAlly process and to be able to integarte it into your current situation.

Classes and Workshops are a great way to introduce your organization to the power of the InnerAlly practices. Classes can be customized to meet the needs of your participants and goals of your organization.

The InnerAlly Cards are a handy way of learning the practices and keeping them relevant in your life. Each character comes with an essential emotion and the power to help you shift your inner language.

Clients & Partners

Clients Love InnerAlly

Cynthia helped me to reignite my spark, and throughout the process she did so with professionalism, empathy, encouragement and the added bonus of shared laughter.  She is a joy to work with. 
Philip, Coaching Client
Austin, TX
The InnerAlly cards are an AMAZING tool! I use them with clients and I'm having great results teaching the process of creating supportive and kind inner voice. Plus, clients can carry the InnerAlly cards in their pockets!!
Christine Gautreaux MSW
Duluth, GA
It was truly transformative to have a workshop geared toward fostering wellness and self-compassion particularly during such a tumultuous time. The segment on bringing awareness to our suffering was particularly helpful for me. Dr. Phelps did a fabulous job of describing the technique and her own experiences with it.
UTSA Workshop Participant
San Antonio, TX
I was in a bad pit and you reached in and pulled me outta that sucker! One of the main ways was to allow me to acknowledge in a deep, deep way that I am good and I need my own compassion. I now have so many great tools to help. I really feel like a new person, re-newed with a spirit for LIFE and a zeal for JOY.
Karen, Coaching Client
San Antonio, TX
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