InnerAlly Coaching



Six Week – Six Session Coaching Package

The InnerAlly process is focused on improving the relationship that you have with yourself.

  • Identifying places where you are holding yourself back
  • Using mindfulness to be present to your inner thoughts
  • Identifying how you speak to yourself in unhelpful ways
  • Learning about the power of Self-compassion
  • Understanding our cultural myths around being kind to yourself
  • Using self-compassion practices to shift towards treating yourself compassionately
  • Creating new InnerAlly language for yourself
  • Using mindfulness to identify when you are struggling in the moment
  • Practicing applying your new inner phrases when you are struggling
  • Learning to make life choices based on this new way of living
  • Creating and reinforcing new behaviors

Coaching is an active process – each week you will learn, explore, and practice.

Coaching is a collaborative process – you have full autonomy to work with me to choose your path forward. Although I will encourage you to keep an open mind, you always have the right and autonomy to choose what is right for you.

Coaching is forward thinking – We will be working together on goals for your life. In the process we may dive back into your past to help us understand thoughts, emotions or patterns of behaviors, but the focus is always looking forward to create a better life.

Based on what you are experiencing with your inner voice and behaviors or situations you want to change, we may dive deeper on any of the following topics:

  • Perfectionism
  • Procrastination
  • Comparison
  • Difficult emotions
  • Challenging relationships
  • Setting boundaries
  • Self-Forgiveness
  • Forgiveness of others




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